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Detech Coffee places immense value on uplifting communities:

Ethnic Minority Support : Through collectors, we source coffee cherries and parchment from 2,000 farmers, over 90% of whom are impoverished smallholders from the Taidam and H’Mong ethnicities. Our red-cherry program rewards farmers for supplying good quality cherries, benefiting both the company and enhancing farmers’ incomes.

Partnership with IWCA Vietnam : As a founding and sustaining partner of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Vietnam chapter, we aim to empower women in the coffee industry. Established in 2019, IWCA Vietnam is a chapter member of the global IWCA network spanning 32 countries. By 2020, a premium coffee program was developed for 140 ethnic female coffee growers for sales to the USA, and a coffee eco-tour initiative was started, enabling women to become tour guides. This not only provides additional income but also bolsters their confidence.

Thanks to its relentless efforts, IWCA Vietnam secured a US$20,000 grant from the Starbucks Foundation in 2023. This grant aims to train 160 women in coffee regarding occupational safety and health, in collaboration with the Vision Zero Fund from the International Labor Organisation.

• Detech Coffee collaborates with IWCA Vietnam for sales campaigns, raising funds for non-profit projects. These projects aim to donate seedlings and fruit trees to coffee farms, train in farming techniques, and establish a sustainable ecosystem.

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