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Detech Coffee is constructing a closed-loop production model “from farm to coffee cup” to control every processing stage tightly. This ensures that Detech Coffee consistently maintains coffee quality that meets international standards.


Coffee farm and cooperative in Chieng Ban, Mai Son, Son La.

Cooperative scale: 15,000m²

Address: Tong Chinh village, Chieng Ban, Mai Son, Son La.

The closed-loop production process “from farm to cup” begins with Arabica coffee beans in Sơn La. With its rolling hills and consistently cool climate throughout the year, Son La offers conditions similar to the renowned coffee-growing regions of Minas Gerais and São Paulo in Brazil. This makes it a golden land for the optimal growth of Arabica coffee plants, resulting in characteristic sweet and aromatic beans.

Closed model From Farm to Cup of Coffee

Detech Coffee’s highly experienced technicians meticulously select fully ripe coffee cherries, harvesting them by hand to ensure top-notch quality. The harvest boasts an impressive 95% rate of red, mature cherries.

Immediately after harvesting, the fresh coffee cherries are swiftly transported to the cooperative for stringent preliminary processing stages. Our experts carefully remove branches, leaves, and outer husks to extract the beans. Subsequently, the beans undergo fermentation and meticulous drying to produce high-quality Arabica green coffee beans.

By choosing Sơn La, one of the three regions known for supplying the finest quality Arabica coffee in Vietnam, Detech Coffee is embarking on a journey to bring the intrinsic value of Vietnamese coffee to consumers both domestically and internationally.

Hand-harvested coffee ensures high ripeness

With a mission to elevate the value of original Vietnamese coffee, Detech Coffee has chosen Sơn La – one of the top three regions for producing high-quality Arabica coffee in Vietnam – as the starting point for its journey to introduce and promote the distinctive flavours of Vietnamese coffee to both domestic and international markets.


Scale: 14,000m²

Address: Thap residential group, Di Su, My Hao, Hung Yen

Detech Coffee’s coffee processing plant is located in Hưng Yên, considered the heart of the brand’s closed-loop supply chain “from farm to cup.” With a total area of up to 14,000 m2, it is regarded as one of the northern region’s leading modern, automated coffee processing plants.

Standard quality coffee processing factory in Hung Yen meets the standards From farm to cup of coffee

Detech Coffee directly imports the production equipment on the manufacturing line at the plant from leading suppliers in Europe. The automated production line handles every step, from initial processing, cleaning, sorting, and roasting to packaging. As a result, the plant’s productivity can reach up to 5,000 tons of Arabica coffee annually – an impressive figure that caters to domestic and export demands.

A highlight of the production line is the advanced Hot Air roasting technology imported from Europe. With this technology, Detech Coffee’s technicians can flexibly adjust the roasting levels to meet each customer’s unique preferences, providing a full spectrum of coffee enjoyment experiences.

Using HotAir roasting technology imported from Europe

The application of modern technology along with the closed-loop production process has enabled Detech Coffee to ensure consistent quality for each batch of products, delivering to consumers internationally renowned, aromatic, and delicious cups of coffee.

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