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With love and pride for home coffee beans, Detech Coffee chose Arabica coffee from the Son La raw material area, a land considered the capital of coffee and tea in Vietnam, to build its brand and develop. product.


Son La is a northern mountainous province of Vietnam, where natural conditions and soil are extremely favorable for growing Arabica coffee. Over the years, the Arabica coffee tree has become a tree for people of the Mong and Thai ethnic groups to escape poverty. However, Son La coffee is mainly exported in raw form, so many Vietnamese people do not know that the Northwest region has coffee, especially Arabica coffee. Consumers only know a Robusta coffee product that has a chocolate, caramel, strong taste and is often drunk with sugar or milk.

Ms. Le Thi Hang, Deputy General Director of Detech Coffee Company (Detech Coffee) shared that the motivation for Detech Coffee Company to come up with the idea of ​​bringing the Son La coffee brand to the consumer market, came from We are very proud and have faith in the potential of Vietnamese coffee.

Speaking passionately about Northwest coffee beans, Ms. Hang shared that the output of Arabica coffee compared to Robusta is less, but the value is higher and has different characteristics such as smooth, mild taste and more The difference is that the caffeine content is low. When we drink it in the evening, it will help us stay awake but not cause insomnia. This is the difference of Arabica coffee products.

Another special thing is that Arabica products are grown in high mountainous areas (800m or more above sea level), so the production, harvesting and processing conditions of ethnic minority people there are very poor. very difficult. Therefore, when Detech Coffee went to the Northwest region and worked with people, understanding their working conditions, the company wanted to bring the value of Arabica coffee not only to the domestic market but also to the international market. foreign markets. At the same time, we want to bring Son La’s regional cultural values ​​to foreign markets through coffee products to attract not only domestic but also international visitors to the raw material area so they can understand and learn from them. That increases the economy, creates jobs as well as develops coffee culture community tourism in the Son La and Northwest region.

Producing a variety of coffee products

With the dream and love for Son La coffee beans, Detech Coffee Company has increased training to improve coffee farming, production and processing capacity for ethnic minorities. From there, the products obtained have better quality and yield in the same harvest season.

In addition, the company also promotes investment in technology for coffee products. In addition to roasted and ground coffee products, Detech Coffee also has other processed products such as paper filter coffee. This is a very convenient product.

In addition, because people in Son La have been growing old coffee varieties for 30 years, in order to have better quality and yield replanting, Detech Coffee also has new coffee varieties approved by the Research Institute. advised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and piloted by Detech Coffee. In particular, this new coffee variety will adapt well to climate change, because agriculture is greatly affected by weather factors, soil conditions and now climate. Thus, letting people have a life connected with coffee is very important.

“In addition, Detech Coffee also produces certified coffee, which for farmers also brings values ​​such as bonuses for each 1kg of product. Above all, we have created a supply chain for sellers, buyers and the main beneficiaries are the farmers in our supply chain, helping their lives to be sustainable” – Ms. Hang shared.

Up to now, Detech Coffee has built products that are: high quality processed products and specialty products. The products have been exported directly and indirectly to markets in Europe, New Zealand, America…

In the coming time, Detech Coffee will focus on completing the coffee production plan according to sustainable certifications such as “Rainforest Alliance” and in the supply chain. Currently, Detech Coffee has worked with 500 households in the Son La coffee raw material area. Through this certificate, people can learn, be trained, raise awareness, and understand that the ecosystem they work in is very important and affects their lives. Not only do we create jobs for ourselves and have a stable income, but we can also balance our own land and water sources in the process of harvesting and cultivating coffee to adapt to climate change. Queen.

With the companionship of businesses and cooperatives as “ambassadors”, they have contributed to bringing agricultural products of localities in general, and Son La coffee beans of ethnic minority areas in particular, gradually writing their names on the map. world agricultural products.

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