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Detech Coffee develops business with a focus on climate change mitigation, uplifting ethnic minorities and through the gender-lens.

More than 350 smallholders of Detech Coffee’s farmers network are part of 4C and Cafe Practice (CP) certification programs of a multinational coffee trader. The farmers provide the latter with sustainable and traceable coffees. These programs are environmentally friendly as the farmers are trained how to farm sustainably and their farms are verified to have not violated deforestation. Detech Coffee is currently building a farmers network of 1,000 smallholders to get Rainforest Alliance certification. All the certifications will enhance farmers capacity and award the farmers with a premium.

On December 10, Detech Coffee was honored to be one of the companions of the "Vietnam Coffee Day" festival.

Through collectors, Detech Coffee sources coffee cherries and parchment from 2,000 farmers, at least 90% of whom are poor smallholders of Taidam and H’Mong ethnicities. We pay a premium price to them via a red-cherry program, which rewards farmers who supply good cherry quality. This program benefits both Detech Coffee and uplift poor farmers’ incomes.

Detech Coffee is a founding and a sustaining partner of the non-profit social enterprise International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), Vietnam chapter. It seeks to connect, empower and advance women in the coffee industry. IWCA Vietnam, est. 2019, is a chapter member of the IWCA Global network of 32 countries. In 2020, it created a premium coffee program for 140 ethnic female coffee growers to be sold to the USA and coffee eco-tour for a few women to become tour guides. This opportunity gives them extra incomes and builds their confidence up through a new job to explore. Due to its continuous efforts and representable reputation, IWCA Vietnam has received a grant of US$20,000 from the Starbucks Foundation to train 160 women in coffee in 2023 for their occupational safety and health in collaboration with the Vision Zero Fund from International Labor Organisation.

Detech Coffee joins hands with IWCA Vietnam and conducts sales campaigns to raise funds and call for funding for non-profit projects with the goal: donating seedlings and fruit trees to coffee farms, training techniques applied in farming and production, establishing a sustainable ecosystem.

Detech Coffee accompanies IWCA Vietnam to constantly improve and honor the representation of women in the coffee industry with impressive numbers:

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