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The process of formation and development

Detech Coffee was born in 2012 and has made constant efforts on the journey to bring the true value of coffee to consumers.

After a long process of operation and development. Detech Coffee became the 5th “from farm to cup” coffee producer in the North. At the same time, we are partners of many domestic and foreign coffee shop systems such as the US, Germany, Korea, China…

Vision and mission

Operating with a vision to become a processing unit, supply and export high quality Vietnamese coffee. We wishes to give wings to enhance the brand. The role of Vietnamese coffee in the global supply chain.

Social Responsibility

Aspiration for a sustainable coffee community

Detech Coffee builds its business on the aspiration of a sustainable coffee community, making practical contributions to the development of people and society.

Since 2018, the Coffee has financially supported and collaborated with Healing Hearts Vietnam, an American non-profit organization, to diagnose and fund surgery for Vietnamese children with congenital heart disease.

The desire to improve the livelihoods of Vietnamese women

Furthermore, as a founding member of the Vietnam Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA Vietnam). We contributes to improving the livelihoods of ethnic minorities in the coffee industry in Vietnam, especially women. IWCA Vietnam connects travel agencies to facilitate the union’s women in business. IWCA also introduced new coffee varieties to women-owned farms, guide them to plant and best farming practices.

From there, creating the best quality and quantity of coffee production. IWCA Vietnam provides women with more opportunities and information and supports women to take charge of their lives, improving women’s representation in the coffee industry.

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