Although Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world, it is paradoxical that Vietnamese persons use very little pure coffee. Instead, they often drink blended and flavored coffee which adversely affects their health.
Raw Vietnam coffee beans are exported to foreign companies and then Vietnamese people buy these finished products at a high price. Understanding that paradox, we would like Vietnamese citizens to have opportunity to consume Vietnamese coffee themselves, to contribute to disseminate the fresh coffee culture for public health.
Son La is the second largest Arabica coffee producer in Vietnam right after Lam Dong. This area is 600m above sea level, geographically 210 to 220 north latitude with the similar region conditions to Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo of Brazil. Therefore, Son La has the same climatic similarities to Brazil's coffee area, suitable for growing Arabica coffee plants with high quality equivalence to the globally famous Arabica coffee of Brazil.
According to geographical indications for coffee products in Son La, Detech Coffee Joint Stock Company (Detech coffee) has chosen the best quality coffee growing areas. We show farmers about cultivation techniques, care and offer product consumption subsidy. Hence, cultivators can select ripe berries to bring the best quality berries to reach customers.
Pure roasted and ground Detech Coffee coffee:

  • Provide pure roasted and ground coffee by employing commercial processing methods to improve the Vietnamese coffee quality and promote Vietnamese coffee cultural identity.
  • Sponsor farmers the cultivate techniques to increase the quantity and quality of coffee harvest. Each cup of Detech coffee has partly enhanced cultivators' life in material areas and sustainable development of Vietnam's coffee industry in general.
  • Contribute to health and social services that benefit the residential community in Son La material areas.

Photos about social activities of Detech Coffee Company

Roasted and ground Detech coffee products

Funksy Beans: pure coffee roasted and ground beans processed by specialty method

  • Drip coffee: Richly chocolate flavor with specialty coffee processing method.
  • Espresso Beans: Strong aroma + sweet aftertaste. A small amount of Robusta increases the coffee intensity.
  • Brewed coffee: 100% Arabica coffee beans, flavor of cinnamon, soft sour, rich in the quality of Arabica coffee beans and processed by specialty coffee method.

Konnai Coffee: high quality roasted coffee using commercial processing method

  • Pure roasted and ground coffee:
    • Drip coffee: 100% Robusta coffee. Commonly used for filter coffee. This coffee product has a bitter taste, contains more caffeine and more concentration so it is quite suitable for men.
    • Espresso beans: a perfect combination between Arabica and Robusta. Brewed by both coffee filter and machine. A aroma mixture of Arabica and Robusta will create a balance and richness for coffee.
    • Espresso beans: a perfect combination between Arabica and Robusta. Brewed by both coffee filter and machine. A aroma mixture of Arabica and Robusta will create a balance and richness for coffee.
  • Deep-processing coffee (filter bag coffee): it is suitable for civil servants and officers who do not have enough time to enjoy coffee at a cafe. However, they can still create a cup of coffee, delicious and awakening them to work hard every day.
    The convenient coffee filter bag with Japanese style will always bring you 100% pure coffee anytime, anywhere and delicious as if you are a real bartender.
    • Classic coffee: 100% Robusta coffee.
    • Deluxe coffee: A perfect mixture between Arabica and Robusta.
    • Supreme coffee: 100% Arabica coffee.

We always try our best and commit to become the largest supplier of pure roasted and ground coffee in Vietnam, provide clean and pure coffee in Hanoi, and neighboring provinces.

Why choose Detech coffee?

  • Ensuring the technology of processing pure roasted and ground coffee according to International Coffee Association requirements and food hygiene standards.
     [Pictures of Detech coffee material area]()
  • 100% pure and natural roasted coffee beans.
  • Appreciated by foreign experts in terms of the origin and the perfect coffee flavor.
  • Experienced technical team of processing coffee.
  • Attractive support and discount policies for agents

Special offer for coffee agents and distributors

  • Free delivery in the inner Hanoi for orders above
  • The discount policy up to 30% for agencies as follows:
    • Level I dealer: Sales volume ≥ 1000 kg / month, 30% discount.
    • Level II dealer: 500 kg ≤ Sales volume ≤ 1000 kg / month, 25% discount.
    • Level III dealer: 50 kg ≤ Sales volume ≤ 500 kg / month, 20% discount.
  • Free advice on setting up shop and equipment.
  • A priority is given to roast coffee agencies and supplier nationwide.
  • Price list may change in accordance with the actual situation.

Free consultation, please contact us!

A supplier of roasted and ground coffee, Detech wishes to cooperate with the valued business partners and customers in the spirit of cooperation to raise Vietnamese coffee domestically and internationally, and bring the best quality coffee to consumers.


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