The process of Detech coffee production

The process of Detech coffee production

Detech Coffee production is carefully standardized from planting, pre-processing, processing coffee kernels into the finished roasted coffee to bring the best quality Detech coffee beans to consumers.

Detech Coffee raw material are in Son La

Our company selects areas for growing materials in Son La, the northwestern mountain area in Vietnam. This place is the second largest producer of Arabica coffee in Vietnam, providing the best quality and high productivity.
The process of Detech coffee production

Harvesting procedure

It is an important step to determine the quality of a cup of coffee when it reaches consumers. Our company chooses to harvest coffee beans when they are ripe and the most fruitful.
The collection of ripe coffee fruits is entirely manual by the farmers’ hands to ensure the highest quality berries.

The process of Detech coffee production

The processing method
After harvesting, each coffee fruit will carry its own mission, a separate path to approach consumers. To fully exploit the coffee flavor in each growth condition, the technical team of Detech Coffee Company processes raw beans by following different methods. Each method is a specialized procedure to standardize the coffee flavors.
The process of Detech coffee production

Depending on the characteristics of each coffee type, Detech Coffee company applies the 3 principal processing methods:
The natural method: 100% ripe coffee kernels are selected to meet the required sugar level and then washed, drained and dried in greenhouses until the humidity reaches 13 % to be stored in plastic bags. The dried beans is processed by coffee milling machine to remove the outer shells and the husk. Subsequently, coffee loader will transport them into the next steps of production line to release green coffee kernels.
The wet processing method (Full wash): Accordingly, Detech Coffee Company aims to ensure the intrinsic quality of coffee beans, providing green coffee beans with evenly color and quality to avoid defects which reduce the quality of finished products. This approach helps Detech Coffee to achieve high quality commercial coffee types.
The honey processing method (honey): It takes advantage of sweet viscous layer inside coffee pods to ferment naturally and penetrate into coffee beans. When being dried, standard coffee beans is bright yellow like honey and sweeter than normal one. This technique produces the delicious coffee specialties.

Roasting technique of Detech Coffee

We invest in automatic roasting equipment with hot-air technology (automatic heating technique) to meet the customers’ demand and ensure the evenly quality of roasted coffee beans.
The process of Detech coffee production

Funksy Beans, a well-known Detech Coffee product

In the production process, roasting is an important step to determine the quality of finished product. Temperature affects the chemical reactions and create the coffee flavors and colors.
After roasting process at a high temperature, the newborn flavor compounds will evaporate, causing flavor losing. Therefore, roasted coffee kernels are cooled quickly to keep the optimal quality.
After being cooled, the technical team of Detech Coffee company will pack and store the finished product according to requirements of the ground or the whole grain products.

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